Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nice and comfy!

Do you think my puppies are abused? Seriously I am such a bad mommy! LOL. We like to snuggle!

Nursery update!

Since I had yesterday off and we needed somewhere to put everything for the baby, I convinced Jason that it was time to buy the rest of the furniture for the baby's room. We went to Ikea and bought the dresser and bookshelf, and got home and went to work!

I'm posting some pics, but please remember it is still super cluttered since I haven't had a ton of time to organize yet. Freaking work getting in the way of my nesting and organizing! :)
View from the door:
New dresser next to the crib. Waiting for the changing pad, which is in the mail. The carseat is in the crib in an attempt to keep the dog fur away as long as possible, and the new bedset that arrived tonight is there on the floor.

New side table and lamp, and stacks and stacks of diapers!

Here you can see the door, the new bookshelf, and the closet.
Think we have enough outfits to get us through for a while!
I'll post more once we get organized and get all of the billions of packages in the mail that are currently on their way from Florida! :)

It just got really real....

After I got back from Orlando, Jason and I had the task of unpacking the mountains of gifts and baby clothes that we received. The first thing we did was unpack the travel system, which consists of the carseat and stroller. We were amazed that we were able to put it together without breaking anything, since every stroller we touched at Babies R Us we broke!

Jason said that once we put the stroller together, it got really real all of a sudden that soon there will be a baby here with us!

Here it is all together in our living room :)

Best baby shower ever!!!!

So while I was in Orlando, my mom and fabulous friend Jenny hosted a baby shower for me. It was the best baby shower ever! I seriously couldn't have asked for anything more. Almost everyone that was important to me was there (although Val got stuck in Miami, I hate her job!): mom, Babs (step grandmother), Jenny, Debbie (my second mom!), Barbie, Melissa, Swoopie, and Shelley (who flew all the way from New Orleans just to see me!).

It was so nice just to visit everyone and chat and laugh. We didn't do any games or anything, just visited and spent time together, which was exactly what I wanted!

The baby boy decorations were perfect, the food was yummy, and the company was great. I cannot thank everyone enough- I got way too many gifts, more than I ever ever expected. I can't wait to return the favor and start shopping for everyone else's babies on the way!

Mom and Jenny, thanks so much for making the day perfect. I love you guys!

Here are a few pics:

Opening presents:

Cupcake cake made by mom:

Diaper cake, also by mom and dad:

Mom, me and Shelley:

Me, Jenny and Meli, all pregnant! They are due in Sept and Oct. (WOW I look huge!)

Back from my trip home!

I went to Orlando last week for a short trip home to visit mom and dad and get some much needed warmth and sun! I flew down Thursday night and stayed until Tuesday morning. Like I said, short but sweet trip. I have the best family ever and it was so wonderful to get to spend a weekend with them! Mom and I had so much fun at my baby shower and shopping for the baby, and just hanging around the house. I miss them so much!

Here is me and my daddy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Belly Update: 24 and a half weeks!

Ok well I am officially huge. Jason took these pics tonight, first with this green turtleneck on:

I looked at the pictures, and thought, ok there is no way I am really that big. I certainly don't feel that big! So I changed my shirt (it had to be the shirt's fault, right?!?!) and had Jason take some more...

And... still HUGE! Guess it wasn't the shirt. I'm just big! To be honest, I'm starting to feel it. It was hard to put my socks on today, and it takes me a little longer to get up a flight of stairs now. And I'm still working out, just a tad slower....

Guess the boy is healthy and growing! Less than 3 weeks and I'm in the 3rd trimester already!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

A man and his dog!

Had to show you Champ's new favorite place to lay!

Of course, he doesn't necessarily care if Jason is in the chair or not, he has pretty much taken over the recliner as his own, but lets Jason share once in a while!

Jason seems to think once the baby comes, Champ will be more interested in him than Jason, so he's enjoying his time being #1 while he can :)

Crib all put together!

Well we were feeling extra productive today and put the crib together too, so now the baby's room actually looks like a baby's room! Jason picked the crib, and he can't stop smiling over how nice it looks in the room!
Here's the view from the doorway (hard to get the whole room...)

Here is a pic of the crib, all ready to go! We're just waiting for the sheets, which should be here by next week...
And of course the pups had to check it all out too!

Next weekend we'll buy the dresser and bookshelf, and then we'll be good to go! I am also painting the letters to hang over the baby's crib... not telling the name yet though!! :)

Nursery update!

So yesterday Jason and I finished painting the baby's room. It's a super light minty green color, and came out so nice! We're planning on putting the crib together soon, maybe tonight, so I'll post pics of the wall color once the crib is together and we have something to show :)

In the meantime, here is the bedding we'll be using:

We got the bedding set, mobile, and a pillow for my chair... I think I'll make my own curtains, and I don't see the need for a diaper stacker and valance and wall hangings, etc.

And call me crazy, but I really want to buy this too:

Isn't it adorable??? There is also a rug I want for the room, but its football themed and wouldn't really go with the puppy theme.... maybe I'll wait till he gets older to do the football thing :)