Sunday, April 19, 2009


SO... we bought our little 9 month old a toy to try walking with. We never thought he'd know what to do with it right away. Of course, he surprised us! As soon as we stood him up next to it, he took off walking across the room!!!

Here is a video of our boy taking a few of his very first steps... I have a feeling he won't need this toy for very long at all!

Fun with spaghetti!

He is part Italian, after all... here's a few pics of Jayden's first spaghetti and meatball dinner. Think he liked it? :)

And someday, I am going to fit in my papi's shoes! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Jayden has his first Easter yesterday! Here are some pics from our day:

Hanging out in papi's chair, with his new Easter bunny (thanks grandma and grandpa for the bunny!) Jayden loves this bunny, he gives him kisses all the time :)

Playing before church. All dressed in his shirt and tie!

Here is our family at church:

Our kitchen table after the Easter bunny came- Jayden's basket, and a chocolate bunny and jellybeans for Jason.

A close-up of Jayden's basket:

Mommy and Jayden hanging out after church.
Jayden and his Easter basket, just waiting to tear into it!

He found the puffs first :)
...then the books! Jason then had to read them each to Jayden 1,000 times.. he loves to read :)
After this, Jayden enjoyed ham for the first time, which he loved. Needless to say, we had a very nice Easter.

Laundry time

I attempted to do laundry the other day... usually Jayden just plays on the floor nearby while I work, but this time, he found something new to do.

Tell me if you see something funny about this dryer:
Yes, you are correct. Those are Jayden's little toes sticking out of my dryer. He climbed INTO the dryer!

Funniest part is, he was so so so mad at me when I took him out of there. Now, remind me why we spend money on toys??? :)