Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just signed up for another 5K!

The last 5K I ran was a Race for the Heart to support women's heart disease research... this race, on October 1st in Vancouver, is to support breast cancer research. I have been raising funds for breast cancer research since the beginning of college, it is a cause I think is truly worth supporting.

PLEASE visit my page, There you can make a donation (I am shooting to raise just $300, not an unreasonable amount!) If you can't make a donation, come out and cheer me on as I run!

Nikki's new job!

WOOHOO! After being here almost a month and sending out one billion resumes, I finally have a job! Starting this Tuesday, I am officially the Administrator of Student Evaluation Services for the CGA. I am so excited!!!!! It's a great start to hopefully a long career in the field of higher education (which believe it or not is what I am pretty sure I want to do for the rest of my life!!).

Getting started on this whole blog thing...

Since we have made a whole new, fresh start in a new city far far away from everyone we know, (and we are seriously cutting back on cell phone minutes!!!), this blog thing may just be the best way to keep in touch with everyone! So check back often and we'll post all kinds of updates to keep everyone informed that we're still alive and ticking! :)