Friday, May 16, 2008


No new pictures to share, but just had to say WOW today... I am 33 weeks pregnant, and just noticed that my little counter to the right says that I have only 49 days till my due date. We're getting close!

I also read in my 33 week update that gets emailed to me each week that the baby's head grew about 1/2 inch in diameter this week, as his brain continues to grow. While I am all about the brain growth (hey, I want a smart kid afterall!) I am NOT so excited about a big head! Keep it under control in there, Jayden! You can grow as much as you want once you are outside! :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

For fun :)

32 weeks and 3 days... update!

Went to the doctor today for my 32 week check-up, and I am happy to announce that once again both mom and baby are perfectly healthy! For me, I've gained the perfect amount of weight, I have great blood pressure, and no bloating or water retention or anything yet... baby's heartbeat was 152 beats per minute, which is great. Baby is head down with his bum up by my ribs, and his feet are sticking into my right side. Sometimes I feel his little head and hands down by my right hip, and he is always kicking and moving his feet. He moves constantly, and I love feeling him! Jason and I sit and giggle when we watch my whole belly shift and move around. It's the coolest thing ever! He LoVES Jason's voice, and always kicks when he hears it... so sweet!

Only *possible* negative is my fundal height (when they measure your uterus from the outside to get an idea about the size of the baby) should be 32 this week, and mine is 37.... it has been ahead the whole time, but the doctor was hoping he'd slow down and he's not showing any signs of slowing down! Guess he wants to be a big boy like his daddy! But I'm not worried! :)

Ok so with such a big baby, I am huge of course... here are some updated pics:

I have to admit, I think my bare belly is kind of pretty... no stretch marks at all, and you can see a really light linea negra (the dark pregnancy line) but only below my belly button. Oh and my belly button is still amazingly an innie, not an outie, but we'll see if that stays the same for the next 8 weeks :)