Monday, April 30, 2007

Our first garden

So this past weekend, the sun FINALLY came out in Vancouver. And it wasn't freezing either, probably in the mid 60s during the day, which is like a freaking heat wave here! :) We took the opportunity to plant our very first garden. Apparantly everything grows well here, since the soil is so fertile and healthy and all that fun stuff.

I have before and after pics, I'll post them soon!

We planted strawberries, broccoli, green beans, spinach, peppers, butternut squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and parsley. Oh, and a blueberry bush! YAY! :)

I also planted 3 rose bushes and a bunch of flowers along the edge of the house to add some color:

It's not our house, just a little rented space for now...but since we have to live there, we want to make it pretty and liveable! And once we get a grill, we plan on spending lots and lots of time out there this summer!

Hi Shelley and Portia!

You're the only two I know that actually read this thing... so I'm saying hi! :) Now post a comment so I know you're there and I'm not typing this for myself...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'm doing a triathalon!

I have to laugh, reading this blog, you would think I'm this incredibly in shape and healthy person, so active and athletic! Well, I don't feel that way! Not even close. But I'm trying...

And to continue in my quest of never ending health.... I'm doing a trialthalon! It's a mini one, swimming 300 meters, biking 20K, and running 5K. Just a mini one to start, but I've always wanted to do one, and this is my start!

It's in August so plenty of time to train. Wish me luck, and I'll be posting lots on my training and updates along the way :)

Completed my first 10K

Can you find me in this pic? :)

It's official, I have ran a 10K! What an amazing experience! I ran the Sun Run, which is the second largest 10K race in the world (or something like that... it's huge!) I believe there were just over 54,000 people running. I don't think I've ever been in a crowd that big, forget about running with that many people! It was amazing to look forward, backwards, left, right, and see nothing but waves and waves of people. The pics afterward were even more amazing!

I finished in 67 minutes. Which was absolutely fine with me, since my goal was just to finish the race!

Here I am crossing the finish line!

I'm a Group Power instructor!!!

I completed my training last weekend, and as of next week, I am officially starting to team teach as a Group Power instructor! Group Power is a weights class, which gives you a whole body workout in 60 minutes. I'm going to shadow (team teach) for a week or two, but as soon as I complete my certification, I will be temporarily taking over a class while the current instructor has her baby! :) So at least through the summer, I'll be teaching!

I guess this is a good way to get over my fear of public speaking huh? :) This doesn't give me a chance to be shy!

A blurry pic of all the girls who went through training last weekend. I'm in the back :)

My trip to IDaho...

I was home exactly one week after the cruise when I had to leave for Boise, Idaho. It was a business trip, to a conference for academic advisors. That's me, I'm an academic advisor :) Overall the trip was good, although after spending 4 days with only my boss I was ready to get home. Plus, I missed my puppies!!! But I learned a lot and have a ton of ideas on how to be a better advisor, so that's what matters most right? :)

Our Mexican Cruise!

Our crusie was AMAZING! On April 5, Jason and I drove to Seattle and spent the night. Then the next morning we flew to Los Angeles, where we met my parents (who flew from Orlando to meet us.) The four of us had a really nice dinner out that night in an area called the Grove, and spent the night in LA.

The next morning, we packed up our things and got onto the cruise ship! We went on a 7 day cruise, from LA to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas, before returning to LA. Here's what we did each day:

The first at sea day, we completely lounged around the ship. We all got massages in the spa, and I took advantage of the sauna, steam room, and hot stone relaxation beds! Just typing about it makes me sad, I miss the spa!!! :)

After the first day relaxing, out trip somehow turned into a complete marathon of physical activities! In Puerto Vallarta, the four of us did a 5 mile hike through the mountains, including crossing a river and picking fresh sweet limes and lemons from the trees as we hiked. It was fabulous! We were all slightly sore the next day though.

So the next port day, Mazatlan, was supposed to be relaxing. We spent the morning shopping in the Gold District, and then in the afternoon my father had the genius idea of hiking to the lighthouse. The lighthouse in Mazatlan is the second tallest working lighthouse in the world... you have to hike up a few miles in the dirt before you get to the steps, and there are 400 steps to the top... needless to say, it was another workout. But so worth it, the view from the top was amazing! We could see the ships, the shopping district, downtown, etc. The view of the water was amazing! Then, of course, we had to hike back down again...

The last port day was in Cabo San Lucas. My mother and I went horseback riding. It was the first time riding for both of us, and it was great because they put us on really gentle horses that were used to riding in a straight line, following each other along the beach and through the trees. All together there were about 30 people riding, and the horses literally just followed each other in a straight line. We started at the front of the line, but my horse was so slow and dreamy, he was so happy just gazing off into the skyline and strolling on the beach that everyone passed us, and I ended up being the last horse in the line! The only bad thing about horseback riding was the bruises.... both my mother and I literally had bruises on our asses after the ride! I guess we don't have enough "meat" where our legs meet our booties... but that's not a bad thing, is it? :)

While we were bruising ourselves, the boys were out riding the waives, on a fishing boat. Jason caught the biggest fish I've ever seen, it was over 100 pounds and took 3 people to reel it in! Of course Jason's camera died on the ship, but a nice guy took a pic and emailed it to him, so here it is! Pretty cool, huh?

SO overall the cruise was wonderful, fabulous, amazing... I cannot say enough things. We've decided to do it again next year, make it a family tradition each year (of course, only if my baby bro can join us next year!) Next year we're thinking the 14 day Panama Canal cruise... YAY!

Bell's Palsy

The day after the audition, I woke up and only half of my face was working. Seriously, the right half was completely not moving. I couldn't blink my eye, I could only smile with half of my mouth. My cheek wouldn't move and I couldn't taste on half of my toungue. After a day in the ER and a CT scan, the doctor's decided it was Bell's Palsy. Completely harmless... they dont know why it happens, but for some reason the #7 nerve that runs from the brain to one side of the face gets inflammed and causes temporary paralization. It just randomly happens on random people... but the good news is, it usually goes completely away, and most people get it once and then never again.

For me, it lasted exactly one month. My cruise to the Mexican Riviera was the cure! :)

Audition update

I think everyone knows by now, but the Felions audition was in March, and it sucked. Well actually the audition was really good, the dance routine was easy and I kicked ass! BUT I weigh more than 100 pounds and I'm not blonde, so I didn't have a chance.

Now anyone that knows me KNOWS that next year I'll be back at the audition again... no one can tell me no! :)

Catching up this blog....

Ok so I have slightly missed the entire month of April. I have half an hour, I'm going to try to catch up as best as I can! :) Be ready to read...