Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boys night out!!

Last Wednesday night, Nikki had to work at the gym and Jason had a dinner to go to with the offensive line. Since Jayden couldn't go to the gym, he instead got to hang out with the big boys, and had a boys night with the O-Line and his papi!

Needless to say, he was stylin and profiling for the occasion!
He was such a good boy- all the guys held him, Sherko (one of the guys) fed him his bottle and learned how to burp him, and of course the waitresses were all over him!

Unfortunately Jason forgot to have a picture taken with the whole o-line, but at least you can see how cute Jayden is here :)

For Tio Aaron

It's still a little big but here is your nephew sporting his RED SOX hat! He's totally chillin' here...

2 month pics

As promised, here are some pics from the past 2 weeks.

Here is Jayden on his 2 month birthday:

Just hanging around at home, showing off how strong he is :)
In his overalls getting ready to go to the mall with mommy:

and Jayden asleep and stretching:

As you can see, he is a busy boy these days! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

2 month update

Jayden Antonio is officially 2 months old! He had his first shots on Friday, 4 of them, and is such a strong and brave little boy! He barely cried at all! He also had his 2 month check up, and is a very healthy and strong baby. Here are the newest stats:

Weight: 14 pounds
Height: 24 inches (2 feet already?!?!?)
Head circumference: 42 cm 

He's a beast! I'll post new pics soon!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jayden and his papi

Just had to post a pic I took yesterday. The house seemed quiet so I went to check on the boys... they were laying in bed and Jason was reading to Jayden. Champ was there too. Just the 3 boys hanging out! :) Do you think they love each other?

Happy Grandparents Day!!!

Sunday was Grandparents day, which worked out great, because my grandparents were in Vancouver visiting. So, Jayden got to meet his great-grandparents! They were more than a little excited to meet him, too! Here are a few pics:

Jayden with Babs:

Jayden with his great-grampa Pete. They loved each other!
Babs, me, Grampa and Jayden
Babs, Grampa and Jayden
Jayden especially liked to "talk" to Babs. Watch and see!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hi from Jayden

It's been a few weeks, so I figured it was time for another Jayden update. Things are going well on our end, just getting bigger and bigger every day! Jayden will go for his 2 month shots on Sept. 12, so I will post a new weight and height update then. That afternoon, we have an appointment with the US Consulate so that we can get Jayden his US citizenship. It's so exciting that he'll be a dual citizen! :)

Here are some new pics...

Jayden with Lola Jayden and mommy
Jayden and mommy again...
Jayden the beast, already almost too big for the baby bathtub! How do we get him to stop growing so fast?!?!?!?
After the bath, nice and happy and clean!
Jason and mini-Jason! In 3-6 month clothes already...someone forgot to tell him he's not even 2 months old yet!