Monday, January 29, 2007

WAHOO! Mexico here we come!!!!!!!!!

First week of April, we are so out of here! Going on a Mexican Riviera cruise! Jason wanted to do something fun before the season starts, and so a cruise it is! Best part is my parents are coming too, and I cannot wait! We've already picked out all of our excursions, including a 5 mile hike through Puerto Vallarta and horseback riding on the beach (well, not for Jason, he's too heavy!LOL) And I already have my spa appointment booked for a massage my first day on the ship. Did I mention I'm a little excited about this freaking trip?!?! IS IT APRIL YET?!??!

Felions Auditions!

I have finally decided that I am going to try out to be a Felion, the dance team for the BC Lions. I wasn't sure that I was completely able to, being married to a guy on the team and all... but I got the email today, everyone in the office has cleared it with the head honchos, and I am good to go!!! I have about a month to keep getting in shape, so wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes...

Mr. VIP's excursions...

Well even though its not football season, Mr. VIP has been busy these days. First was the Provincial tour, when he traveled like a movie star to a bunch of cities all around British Columbia. He went with some government officials and a Lions rep (no other teammates, he was the big star on this trip!) and posed and smiled with the Grey Cup while he encouraged young people to be healthy as part of the "Act Now BC" health initiative... pretty proud of my hubby! Here's an article from one of the cities, although he says the limo part isn't true...

Then he came home for an entire night before leaving for 4 days in Montreal. He had it tough there, staying in the Ritz Carlton for a few nights while his wife was home alone! :) He was there for a GREAT reason though, so I can't give him too hard of a time. The Montreal Allouettes have a great program where they mentor kids in junior and high school, and the Lions are looking to bring the program here to BC. So of all the guys on the team, they picked Jason to go to Montreal, receive formal training, and bring the program back here.

Like I said, I give him a hard time about being Mr. Important, but he's doing a lot of great things, and I am nothing but super proud of him!!!!!!!

My trip to Orlando

Wow it was nice to be at my parents house! I got there on New Years Eve, which I celebrated in my pjs on the couch with one of my bestest friends, and the world's nicest and sweetest people ever, my Swoopie! We drank a bottle of champagne, ate some peppermint ice cream (what a combo huh?) and passed out watching the ball drop. It was perfect!

The rest of the week was just as low key- spent time with the parents, lots of shopping with my mommy, dinner with Jenny, lunch with the girls for a late secret santa gift exchange... just spending time at home. Got to go to the dentist for a cleaning too, which I always enjoy (I know, I'm weird!)

It was so nice to be there! But as much as I enjoyed it, I missed Jason, I missed my puppies, I missed my bed, and after a week, I just wanted to get home! :)

It's been a while...

Well it looks like I am averaging one or two posts on here every other month. I try to remember this site exists, but I never have anything exciting to post about. I'll try harder though!