Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Jayden cuteness

Jason was away in Montreal all weekend, so mommy & Jayden had to keep each other entertained. It was so nice out, so why not spend the weekend at the park!

Water park fun!

Hello? Who's this? clearly a very important call :)
Styling and profiling on the way to a birthday party :)

Handsome man, cheesing for the camera! He gets it from his mama :)

And this wasn't this past weekend, but I keep forgetting to post. Jayden's first kiss! This is his girlfriend, she is 10 months old, and is the daughter of the QB of Jason's team. Jason, what are you teaching your son!?!?!?

LOL they kissed like 10 times. The little girl kept grabbing his cheeks, and Jayden just kept kissing her. So cute!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random videos

Here is Jayden, eating corn... or something like that :) Dinnertime fun!

And this is a super short video, but if you check it out, you can see Jayden's first egg head bump. Right in between his eyes, a big bump. He fell into a bookcase, head first, last week. Mommy was more upset than Jayden.... I guess boys will be boys!

Riding a horse

For Jayden's birthday, he got his very own rocking horse from grandma and grandpa. Mommy was less than thrilled, since it takes up room in the already toy filled living room and of course plays lots of music.... but Jayden loves it! Here he is riding his horsey and having fun :)

Daycare fun!

Jayden LOVES going to daycare. It gets him away from his crazy parents, and he gets to spend the day with other kids. Here are some pics of him and his adventures:

Climbing! Our monkey loves to climb :)

Trying out the potty:
Riding the bike with the big kids!

Having some fruit:
Going down the slide at the park:
Jayden's favorite nap spot:
Climbing again! This is a water table, not supposed to be something to stand on....
and yet, who says you can't stand on it? Not Jayden!
Fast horsey!