Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Jayden cuteness

Jason was away in Montreal all weekend, so mommy & Jayden had to keep each other entertained. It was so nice out, so why not spend the weekend at the park!

Water park fun!

Hello? Who's this? clearly a very important call :)
Styling and profiling on the way to a birthday party :)

Handsome man, cheesing for the camera! He gets it from his mama :)

And this wasn't this past weekend, but I keep forgetting to post. Jayden's first kiss! This is his girlfriend, she is 10 months old, and is the daughter of the QB of Jason's team. Jason, what are you teaching your son!?!?!?

LOL they kissed like 10 times. The little girl kept grabbing his cheeks, and Jayden just kept kissing her. So cute!

1 comment:

God and family means happyness said...

nooooooooooo Jayden???
I thought Nela was your girlfriend? Nikki teach Jayden some values, lol!