Friday, July 17, 2009

A day at the lake!

On Sunday, Jayden's actual birthday, we went up to a beautiful lake in the mountains and had a small BBQ. The day would have been perfect, except for two things: 1- Jason had to work and couldn't come with us! and 2- it was cold! much colder than we thought it was going to be.

But we had fun anyways, and Jayden the beach baby especially loved it.

Here are daddy and Aaron cooking the lunch:

My mom rinsing off Jayden's bum after he got all sandy. Nice smile, Jayden! Nothing like a birthday bum :)

He didn't want to stay still long enough to take this pic... he wanted back in the water!
Playing on the grass and having a snack
And to end an exciting birthday weekend, here is the birthday boy in the tub, getting clean and shiny. What a great way to begin a new year!

Jayden's first birthday party!

Jayden's birthday was Sunday, July 12, but we had a luau cookout on Saturday. We invited lots of people, some of Nikki's friends, some of Jason's friends & teammates, and of course, all of Jayden's 1 year old friends too :) Overall it was an amazing party, just how we'd want our son's first birthday to be :)

Here is our backyard, just as everyone was arriving and eating

Another shot of the backyard, with all the kids toys set up, the baby pool, etc.

Jason, Jayden and I getting ready to open presents.

Here is Jayden tearing into his gifts. He loved ripping the paper!

Opening another gift. The boy was so beyond spoiled, so many gifts!

Ok mom, presents were fun, but where is this cake I keep hearing about?

Jayden's first cake, decorated by his grandma, with his favorite, Elmo :)
Umm... I'm not quite sure what to do with this cake thing...
Oh wait, nevermind, I figured it out! I like this chocolate stuff!!!

And just for fun, these are the "hamburger" cookies I made. They were so fun to make, so cute, and best of all, so yummy!

Game night!

The night before Jayden's party was a home game for the Lions. Unfortunately, we lost the game. BUT we sure did have fun at the game anyway!
Jayden and tio at the game:
Grandpa and Jayden cheering for papi
My parents in their lions' gear
Jayden loves cheering for his papi!
My baby bro and I at the game. As much of a pain in the ass he is, I love my baby bro!
After the game Jason and I took Aaron out to experience some Vancouver nightlife. This is the only pic we took,but we had a good time :)
More family vacay pics...

How old are we? He still cannot take a normal picture with me. Has to give me a hard time EVERY time! I guess that's what little brothers do, right? :)

Jayden and grandpa at the aquarium

Tio Aaron walking with Jayden at the aqaurium. I *think* he loves his nephew!

Another Jayden and grandma pic. They had so much fun together!
And because my poor son has no toys, Tio Aaron took care of this situation. Here he is shopping at Toys r Us. As you can see, that is a ball pit, a pack of 250 balls, and a drum set. Yes, a drum set. All of which were purchased and put together and are now in my living room. Or, what used to be my living room! It's now Jayden's play room, and he's nice enough to let us keep our couch there too.

My parents & brother

So mom & dad came up for their annual trip to Vancouver, and my baby bro decided to make his first trip to see us too. Timing was perfect, since they were here for Jayden's birthday. Here are some pics from their trip:
The first morning they were here, my mom & I ran a 10K together. We mostly walked, because we were talking the whole time :) We hadn't seen each other for 6 months!

Jayden and his grandma at lunch on 4th of July
Jayden and his papi watching the 4th of July fireworks together

Jayden and mommy hanging out before the fireworks started

Jayden, grandma and grandpa just playing

Jayden's first trip to the aquarium. He loved the fishies!
Saying good morning to his Tio Aaron first thing in the morning:

Jayden and grandpa enjoying a nap together.

Jayden's favorite place to be. His own little Elmo couch, with his bottle full of milk. Life is good!

Busy busy month!

Wow, I cannot believe a month has gone by since I last updated the blog. The month honestly flew by, between Jason coming home from camp, my parents and brother coming up for a visit, and of course the biggest news- our little man turned 1! He is no longer a baby, that's for sure. I am going to upload a bunch of pics of my parent's trip and his birthday party... and promise to try to keep the updates coming!