Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Jason signing day video!

Ok so I just realized that everyone in the US can't see the other video I posted, so here is the link to one that you can see :)

Enjoy my two boys!

Jason- resigned as a Lion!

Here is the video from Jason's press conference. We are officially re-signed as BC Lions for the next 3 years.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Swim lessons!

Jayden and mommy are taking swim lessons together, and having so much fun! Here we are in the pool together this week:
And here is Jayden being the fishy in the middle at the beginning of class- we sing and swim around each baby before class starts.

Jayden - 6 months old!

Well these pics are almost a month old already, but they are just so darn cute that we couldn't help but share!!!

After his bath:
Sleeping with Grandpa:
In his ducky tub- thanks Aunty Swoopie!
Chillin with Grandma and Lola
In his Jolly Jumper


Because our poor puppies get no love these days, here they are:

Think they love each other???

Best friends!

While we were in Orlando, I was lucky enough to get a visit from my bestest friend in the whole world, Valerie, and her new baby Maddy. Val and I have been friends since we were 4, so it was super special that we got pregnant at the same time, and even more special for our babies to meet for the first time!

Here we are with the kids at MGM Studios:
Breastfeeding together in the mommy room at Disney :)
Jayden checking out Maddy's ride!
Jayden and Maddy cuddling together - they will be married someday!!!

Fun Orlando pics

We had such a great time in Orlando, here are a few random pics from our trip:

Jason and Jayden
Jayden and Champ
Happy baby!
Jayden, mommy and grandma at the park:
Jayden's first time in a swing! Gotta love December in Orlando!

Christmas pics

A little late on the posting, but I thought I'd share a few Christmas pics from while we were home in Orlando:

Jayden with his great-grandpa (Nikki's Grandpa) Jayden and his new Elmo!

Bow baby! :)
Jason and his parents:
Nikki's mom, grandpa, uncle and his wife. All the Armenians!