Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jayden- August 2009

Once again, I've been a slacker, but we've been busy so give me a break!! :)
Jayden is doing wonderful, as always- he is running now, and climbing, jumping, just overall being a B-O-Y!!!

One of his favorite things to do is dance. So even though he may look like his papi, he did at least get his moves from his mama! He loves loves loves to dance, and loves music. We'll try to get a video of him dancing soon.

He's had a busy month, here are some pics of what he's been up to:

Just our happy boy and his curly curly hair:

Riding the bike at daycare:
OOPS! I fell over:
Don't worry, I'm ok!
going down the slide like the big kids!

Poor boy has it TOUGH! This is where he takes his naps...

Of course, sometimes he chooses to snooze outside...again, tough life!

And then sometimes, when papi is home alone with Jayden, he sleeps wherever he sleeps. Here he is sleeping on the floor of our office, under the desk chair!

Playing with Kaili:

Playing in the backyard:


Kristin said...

I love the sleeping in the office picture!

God and family means happyness said...

He's looking great!!! He looks so handsome with his curly hair!

Jennifer and Carlos said...

OMG...I cant stop laughing at the picture of him sleeping next to the office chair...LOL!!!